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Seamless CI/CD

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I created Seamless, an open-source, low-config CI/CD pipeline for containerized microservice applications on ECS Fargate. It features a CLI for AWS deployment, a real-time dashboard, integration testing with Docker Compose, rollbacks, log storage in Redis, and parallel execution of pipelines.

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Screenshot of JaguarBin App


Tool for collecting and inspecting HTTP requests and webhooks

socket.io, React, Tailwind, Express, TypeScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Nginx, DigitalOcean

Screenshot of In Season App

App for tracking seasonal fruits and vegetables in Southern California

React, Tailwind, Express, TypeScript, MongoDB, Mongoose, Jest, Cypress, Docker Compose, Nginx, AWS SDK, EC2, S3, CloudFront

Screenshot of Eight Wonders App

Flight path optimizer that finds the shortest route connecting up to 8 airports

Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, ERB, HTML, CSS, fly.io

Screenshot of Roar! Store App

Roar! Store

Shopping cart app with custom hooks for data fetching

React, Tailwind, Jest, Express, MongoDB

Screenshot of Love LeetCode App

I ❤️ LeetCode

LeetCode random problem selector and countdown timer

Next.js, Prisma, Tailwind, Mongoose, PostgreSQL, DigitalOcean

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