Full-stack software engineer at Cohere Health, striving to improve the patient healthcare experience by streamlining the prior authorization process.

Enthusiastic about collaborating with product and design to deliver useful and efficient solutions for users. Experienced in TypeScript, Python, Java, React, Tailwind, Express, Postgres, Mongo, Docker, and AWS. Based in Los Angeles.

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Seamless CI/CD

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I created Seamless, an open-source, low-config CI/CD pipeline for containerized microservice applications on ECS Fargate. It features a CLI for AWS deployment, a real-time dashboard, integration testing with Docker Compose, rollbacks, log storage in Redis, and parallel execution of pipelines.

Seamless CI/CD screenshot

When code is updated in GitHub, Seamless will automatically source, test, build, and deploy it, enabling developers to deliver software quickly and reliably.

Pipeline Stages

Seamless is a cloud-native solution built on AWS. It uses a Step Functions state machine for task management, and ECS on EC2 for task execution. All tasks share data via a Docker volume on EFS. A WebSocket API Gateway streams logs and status updates to the dashboard.

Seamless AWS Architecture
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